TwoSixtySix is a London based creative collective. Our heartland is in music production.

It formed organically after the Summer of 2014 when Converse ran a series of creative workshops out of a converted warehouse in Peckham - This was the London leg of the worldwide "Converse CONS Project".

One of the workshops saw established artists Scratcha DVA, Zed Bias, Mele and Scott Garcia pick twelve up and coming UK music producers to attend an intensive three day course with them.

We were the twelve producers chosen to participate.

Our mentors taught us more about the industry and guided us towards finessing one of our own tracks before cutting it to vinyl on the final day.

It was a profound experience for us. We'd gone from producing in our bedrooms to sitting in the studio with some of our idols.

The twelve of us continued linking, drinking and creating music together after the Converse experience had finished.  In early 2015 we decided to form a collective together and almost exactly one year on from the first day of CONS, we launched TwoSixtySix.

This site documents our journey as we continue to create and grow as a unit. 


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