Fosterbeats - 'For The Kids LP'

6.5 GBP

A soulful, jazzy 14 track hip-hop beat tape with a difference...

"Just after I started High School I remember wanting turntables more than anything else in the world. I was on at my parents for months for a pair, so when I was finally lucky enough to be given some one year for Christmas I was beyond words.

I grew a real passion for spinning vinyl which opened up some memorable opportunities for me. But ultimately it was DJing that inspired me to start producing my own music.

If I hadn't been given those decks over 13 years ago I honestly don't think I ever would have gone on to produce music. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the world is a better place because of my music or anything, fuck no, but I realised how lucky I was to have been given access to music equipment at such a young age.

This got me thinking about all the other kids in the country who hadn't been as fortunate. The ones who wanted decks or another type of musical instrument just as badly as I did, but were never fortunate enough to get them.

I hoped their interest in getting hands on music didn't stop as a result. But the thought of that happening upset me.

I know how happy it makes me to create music and it made me want to do anything I could to avoid any young people "dropping off" the music wagon through lack of access to equipment.

I therefore saw this album as an opportunity to try and raise funds to help better expose underprivileged kids in my local area to the world of music creation. 100% of all profit made from the release of "For the kids" will go towards this cause.

I realise it will take a lot to make any real difference, but even if I can help one person then I think it'll be worth it :)"