// NEW PROJECT: Ratomagoson - Hear In Colombia


Tonight we reveal the full fruits of Ratomagson's 6 month trip to Colombia.

'Hear In Colombia' is a 13 track project which was made almost exclusively using Colombian records and an MPC 1000. Ratomagoson takes us on a journey reliving the experiences of his time in this amazing country and draws upon influences from every part of it's vibrant culture throughout.

Enjoy a live mix of Hear In Colombia below or download the full project completely FREE





// Ratomagoson plays New River Studios


Ratomagoson performed as part of Polyop at New River Studios in Manor House last night. The afro and acid inspired trio delivered a sample blast of their cosmic audio visual experience to a yearning North London crowd. Keep an eye on this lot, they're about to throw down some serious heat.





// Ratomagoson discusses Hear In Colombia


We hear from the man himself as he explains more about his forthcoming TwoSixtySix release, Hear In Colombia. It drops right here in just 8 days time.





// Fosterbeats x CD Spinz - Didn't I (Official Video)


The team recently pulled together to produce a music video for Didn't I - one of the more soulful works by Fosterbeats and CD Spinz. It featured on their 7 track release entitled 'Up There' which was picked up by Rinse FM's Lily Mercer. The release is free to download here. The TwoSixtySix family need to extend their love to Rosie, Rachel and Kazim without whom this video would not have been possible. Big props guys x





// NEW RELEASE: HJJ X CD Spinz - Two for Tuesday


Building on the momentum of Bitter, today we bring you the double headed monster that is HJJ X CD Spinz. The pair articulately execute their flows on both tracks. 

Snakes in the Grass was originally a production collaboration between JAckie and HJJ which was shelved until CD and HJJ went back to back on a Run the Jewels esque cipher in the studio one night. 

On Are you with me? CD Spinz takes on the roll of producer, sampling Mausi's Disney Films, after seeing them live in late 2013. But he doesn't stop there, singing and rapping, going back to back with HJJ.

Download Free Here





// NEW RELEASE: Ratomagoson x CD Spinz x Fosterbeats - Bitter


Right. It's 2016 and TwoSixtySix is fully charged for the year ahead. Lots of exciting things going down over the next 12 but it's the return of our boy Ratomagoson which has us all pumped at the mo. Yep, he's back on British soil and came straight into the TwoSixtySix studio to blow us away with the fruits of his 6 month sound recording adventure across Colombia. More on his debut TwoSixtySix project release "Hear In Colombia" coming real soon. For now enjoy "Bitter", his new collab with CD Spinz and Fosterbeats. 





// NEW RELEASE: Jameson Yeah? - Rain


Jameson Yeah? makes his TwoSixtySix solo debut tonight with the release of Rain. Coincidently, this track was the reason he had a cloud of his own following him around the city for seven months. 

Unable to contain his excitement when listening to the first bounce of it, he jumped out the chair sending mr laptop flying across the room and crashing to the floor. It was f****d. Months later though a guru managed to recover some files. The project was gone, but this bounce somehow survived.

It's hard, but maybe try and stay seated people :)





// TwoSixtySix Takes Residence At Fortress Studios



Itching to find a proper home for the collective to nestle into has led us through the doors and onto the desk at Fortress Studios in Old Street. Our weekly 6 hour sessions have seen a flurry of creative activity from photography and film to live art and of course, sound recordings. As we continue to experiment with different ways of working together and introduce fresh blood to the mix, there's no doubt that this is an incredibly exciting step for TwoSixtySix.

Lots of goodness to share with you lovely people over the coming months. Stay lockkked.





// NEW RELEASE: CD Spinz X JAckie - Headlock


We've been a bit quiet since the release of Plastic and Up There but we are back and excited to share the debut collaboration from CD Spinz and JAckiewho team up for their release HEADLOCK. Infectious energy and emotive words from CD Spinz over JAckie's dark but soulful beat brings to the fore another huge track under the TwoSixtySix umbrella.

Listen below.





// NEW RELEASE: Fosterbeats x CD Spinz - Up There


Newfound hip-hop duo Fosterbeats and CD Spinz explode onto the scene tonight with their debut multi-track release, Up There.

Having recently received airtime on Huw Stephens' BBC Radio 1 show, CD Spinz shows us the versatility of his skills as the pair skip seamlessly from the heavy hitting Let My People Go and An Uncertain Future through to the soulful delights of Blue and Didn't I.







// NEW RELEASE: JAckie - Plastic


Pure excitement buzzes through the camp tonight as JAckie brings a new dimension to TwoSixtySix.

Whilst discussing the prevalence of "throwaway culture" in today's society with designer friend Tearlach, the pair hit upon an idea. They wanted to create a piece of work that reflected this global phenomenon. Agreeing that 'time' sat very much at the heart of the discussion, the pair made this a focus point of their project. Setting a 30 day deadline from start to finish, JAckie took on audio duties and Tearlach graphics.

The three evolving tracks and stunning artwork we exhibit tonight are the outcome of this modern experiment. This is. #Plastic.







// cD Spinz makes his BBC Radio 1 debut


We're incredibly proud to announce that our very own CD Spinz received airtime on BBC Radio 1 last night. Huw Stephens played a recent recording of CD freestyling over Queen Latifah's Name Callin. This marks a well deserved nod to the East London rapper/producer's talents.

With a 7-track project made with fellow TwoSixtySix artist Fosterbeats dropping next month and numerous creations with the rest of the team including JAckie and HJJ also in the pipeline, 2015 looks like it'll be one to remember for this fella.


// FREESTYLE: Jameson Yeah? x CD Spinz - Killing


As the team were "taking a break" in the studio last week, CD decided to jump on the mic and spit some raw punchline driven bars over the top of Killing by Jameson Yeah? There's no way we were gonna keep this one to ourselves! 







// PREVIEW: JAckie - Plastic EP


We're in for a treat tonight as JAckie surprises us by releasing a short clip of W.E.I.T  - a track taken from his forthcoming EP entitled 'Plastic'.

Inspired by the way cheap, large-scale manufacturing has led to a global boom in disposable culture, JAckie took a different approach to creating this project. All will be revealed come Thursday 27th August when the full release drops right here.






// HJJ's DFUOB 2015 Entry


HJJ represents TwoSixtySix in this year's Don't Funk Up Our Beats contest run by Funk Volume. Check out his video submission below and vote for him HERE






// NEW RELEASE: BDZ -  Dire Straits 


Feel the rumble of BDZ as he delivers some serious heat. Dire Straits knocks hard right from the word go, making it difficult to believe this is one of his lighter creations. Lots more to come from this talented fella over the next few months.

Dire Straits will be available to DL HERE very soon.







// NEW RELEASE: Fosterbeats x Jackie -  Tell Me 


Things are moving fast at TwoSixtySix, two weeks after after dropping our debut compilation The Setup and we're bringing you more fresh sounds. This time it's Fosterbeats and JAckie stepping into the spotlight. Reminiscing of the incredible remixes put out by Jessie's Song and Rayman Productions at the turn of the millennia, the pair agreed it was about time someone stepped up and revisited this classic by Groove Theory. Not an easy task but we think they certainly did it justice. Available to DL on SC from Mon 3rd Aug.






// NEW RELEASE: The Setup  


Almost exactly a year to the day since we all first met at the Converse CONS Project and we're finally ready to reveal our newfound collective TwoSixtySix to the world. We're introducing ourselves by dropping the first in what we anticipate being a longstanding series of TwoSixtySix compilations. 'The Setup' features exclusive material from artists within the collective. Free download available over on our Bandcamp page. You can also follow us on twitter: @TwoSixtySix







// #Looplife baby!







// Ratomagoson On Kingston Green Radio 87.7FM



TwoSixtySix's Ratomagoson was invited down to Kingston Green Radio HQ by Jay Bennett last week. In true Rato style he champions the music of others by revealing the artists and albums that have inspired him past and present. He also gives us an insight into the type of sounds we can expect to hear from him in the near future and somehow leaves the studio with Wotsits for fingers. I guess this rat has a real love of cheese.



  1. The Whitest Boy Alive - Rollercoaster Ride
  2. The Child of Lov - Give Me
  3. Gonjasufi - Candylane
  4. Alphaduka - Visions
  5. Silk Rhodes - Face 2 Face
  6. Alice Russell - For A While
  7. Ratomagoson - Orange (Live Take)
  8. Fosterbeats & Ratomagoson Ft. CD Spinz and Amaya Flow - Blue
  9. Ratomagoson - Last Seen
  10. Polypop - Attenborg






// HJJ - The Empathy Project 


Repping the Northern territory for TwoSixtySix, HJJ drops his debut album "The Empathy Project" today. The multi-talented Geordie born rapper-producer shows what he's capable of with this release, displaying a powerful sense of meaningful left-field lyricism over his trademark instrumental sound of intricate and dazzling hip-hop arrangements. Like this? I can tell you now there are even bigger and better things to come from this man in 2015.

Download: http://hjjmusic.bandcamp.com






// CONS Cuts


Some of the tracks from the TwoSixtySix team that ended up on wax thanks to Converse.






// From 133 To 266



Over 10 weeks in the Summer of 2014, Converse ran a series of creative workshops out of a warehouse unit at 133 Copeland Road, Peckham. This was the London leg of the global "CONS Project" which also visited Paris, Berlin, New York and Toronto.

One of the workshops saw the likes of Scratcha DVA, Zed Bias, Mele and Scott Garcia mentoring 12 up and coming London based music producers. By sharing tips, tricks and lending an ear to the mix, the mentors helped these 12 producers to strengthen a track they were working on and cut it to vinyl.

The 12 producers selected to participate were JAckie, HJJ, CD Spinz, Vibrant, Slumba Bear, Fosterbeats, Ratamagoson, Joss Ryan, Tanaka, BDZ, Bloc1 and Anthony Shaw.

Sharing such an incredible experience together led these producers to continue linking, drinking and working together long after CONS had finished.

We decided to set up TwoSixtySix as a place for us to document our work and attract new people to create with, learn from and hopefully help.




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