// NEW MUSIC: HJJ - In Hindsight


Alreet! Geordie rapper HJJ is back with a new single. 'In Hindsight' is a break from the ego centric cliches of Hip Hop. An introspective look at wasted time, your motivations and the future in this technological world we all navigate.

Produced by Boom Bap beat maker Mayor, the song blends classic Hip Hop breaks with melancholy piano melodies and meditative geordie wordplay.

You can check the track out on all major streaming services here




// NEW VIDEO: Fosterbeats x CD Spinz x Aya Blu - White Storms


The team are currently working away on new material and readjusting to life back in the big smoke after our various escapades around Europe, but we aptly bring you a summery track to keep you bopping along.

We've been holding onto this video for over a year - locked and loaded -  and actually released it on a whim because... the time is NOW!

We gift you with a rare piece of soulful production from rapper CD Spinz with additional production from Fosterbeats (whom also filmed and edited the video), but we'd also like to introduce you to our longtime friend and multitalented collaborator Aya Blu who provides you with some sweet vocals.




// LIVE: Rhodopes Mountains, Bulgaria - 10.06.17


As the collective continues to reach new heights together, we're very proud to announce that next month will see our first international performance. We'll be jetting off to play two live sets in the idyllic Bulgaria mountains at Meadows In The Mountains Festival.

Liiv will be gracing the mountainside with her striking vocals at 3pm on Saturday, with the wider collective performing the final 45 minute set later on that evening. Come and join us (we have reduced tickets!) :)





// LIVE: O2 Academy Islington - Madchild support


JAckie, Fosterbeats, CD Spinz, HJJ and Liiv took some brand new material to the stage at O2 Academy Islington last night as the team welcomed Madchild to the London leg of his World Tour - A performance which marks the collective's second appearance at the prestigious North London venue this year.

Check out the live recording of 'Yagga Yo' below -  an unreleased heavyweight by CD Spinz and Fosterbeats. And maybe those rumours about us collabbing with fellow support act Trademark Blud and the rest of the Melée family are true?! Then again, maybe it's BS ;) x





// LIVE: TwoSixtySix presents... Wet Proof 001 


Wet Proof is a series of live events run by the collective. Each one sees us fuse live music performances from the collective with live art from talented others in our community.

Wet Proof 001 featured graffiti duo Krooked Heroes on canvas, Marius on digital projections and HJJ, CD Spinz, Liiv, JAckie, Illust, Fosterbeats, Chr1s Love, TbyAlx and Cut.Malina on stage.

Details on Wet Proof 002 coming soon! x





// Rtmgsn remix drops on tru thoughts


Last Summer saw Robert Luis bump Ratomagoson's "Low End Flight" on his Unfold radio show. This year, Luis invites the TwoSixtySix OG to take on remix duties for release on his highly respected Brighton based label, Tru Thoughts.

Sticking to the tried and tested process used for his "Hear In Colombia" release, Rato pushes a live dub rework of Lakuta's "Lose Yourself" straight out of the MPC 1000 less than 24 hours after receiving the stems. Our Future Bubbler describes it as "a mysterious, lost on the dancefloor moment".

Listen below. Be sure to also check out the remix of "Mr Serious" by our good friends Polyop. Like what you hear? Show love and buy the full EP release "So Sue Us" by Lakuta here.





// LIVE: the V&A museum - Collecting Europe


How do you think we'll view Europe 2,000 years from now? That's the question posed by the V&A Museum through their forthcoming 'Collecting Europe' exhibition.

TwoSixtySix will seek to answer it by taking over the Grand Entrance Hall on Friday 3rd February from 6.30pm with a mix of carefully selected DJ sets and live performances.

It's free entry and will feature a host of talks, debates, workshops and visual exhibitions from other artists and thinkers alike all looking to express their own ideas on the topic. Bound to be an interesting one. We hope to see you guys down there :) x





// LIVE: O2 Academy - Tommy Genesis support


2017 is OUR year and we start it as we mean to go on by taking to the stage at O2 Academy Islington on Monday 13th February.

The team will be opening for the rebellious rap queen Tommy Genesis as she stops off in London whilst touring Europe.

Expect exclusive live material from the likes of Liiv, CD Spinz, HJJ, JAckie and Fosterbeats as we mark our debut at the famous venue. Fellow South London rapper/producer Adian Coker will also be performing on the night.

Tickets here. Follow us on Facebook for more info. 







2016 really didn't fuck about did it! We lost some incredible people this year and have seen the world really start to shake at the very core. It's wild times. But for the collective, we've had a dope year, so we'll be celebrating on the 31st. And we're doing it the only way we know how. Beers, beats and bass with all our friends and family down at our beloved Hackney House.

As well as live performances from the usual suspects (Liiv, CD Spinz, HJJ, Illust, JAckie and Fosterbeats) we'll also be handing the controls over to two Polish titans - Cut.Malina and GUD4U. Prepare to witness true turntablist madness from the former followed by sub driven bangers from the latter. We also have a few other little surprises in store for you guys ;)

See you down there. Advance tickets here.





// Wet Proof 001 : Krooked Heroes


Following the success of our Summer residency at Hackney House, we're super excited to announce that we'll be hosting a series of new events in the venue's larger downstairs room over Winter.

We're calling this our Wet Proof series and will be teaming up with a different live visual artist at each event. As these artists get messy with their paints, we'll be taking to the stage with a mix of exclusive live performances and DJ sets. Expect to see some new faces up there too as we showcase guest performances from a selection of our close friends.

Wet Proof 001 is the first in the series. It's on Friday 11th November from 7pm - 2am at Hackney House and is FREE ENTRY. Graffiti duo Krooked Heroes will take on art duties as CD Spinz, Liiv and HJJ give us the live treatment. An eclectic mix of DJ sets will sandwich these live performances as Tbyalx, Illust, Fosterbeats, JAckie and Chr1s Love step up to the 1s and 2s. Set times coming soon. HYYYPE!! :)





// LIVE: TwoSixtySix  x  The Lumen Prize


Hailed by The Guardian as "The World's pre-eminent digital arts award", The Lumen Prize invited TwoSixtySix to help celebrate the closing of their 2016 award ceremony in East London on Friday.

We worked alongside virtual reality guru James Edward Marks and his team at Psych Fi Lab to create a bespoke audio visual experience inspired by the 1995 film 'Hackers' and Sam Esmail's hit NBC TV series 'Mr Robot'.

#HackersVsMrRobot saw TwoSixtySix artists remix prestigious works by some of the greats including Leftfield, The Prodigy, Moby and Original Bedroom Rockers. James and his team, which included the talented visual artist David Sagberg, sent people flying off into surreal worlds using a mix of projection based and virtual reality platforms including Google Card, Vive VR, Oculus Rift and Google Tilt Brush.

The evening was also a perfect opportunity for us to introduce the tribal acid-fused techno trio Polyop. Our good friends travelled over the river to deliver a full-on live performance complete with their trademark psychedelic reactive visual display. Be sure to check out their forthcoming... 'Ceremony' which lands on vinyl at the end of the month.

Edinburgh based sci-fi techno producer Hostel Freaks also travelled down to get in on the action. Definitely a live set to remember too as he worked his digital Ableton fuelled magic simultaneous to feeding analogue sounds from his trademark ghetto blaster into the mix.

Thanks to all involved. Special times. Music coming soon. #LoopLife #HackersVsMrRobot







Liiv has been in the TwoSixtySix frame for some time now, but tonight we officially welcome her into the family with open arms :)

Along with her stunning vocals and keen ear for innovative production, Liiv also drives her contagious positive energy directly through the centre of the collective, pushing the team hard to progress and grab at every opportunity.

She's spent a lot of time in the studio with JAckie this year as the pair continue to hone a new sound together. She's also jumped on stage with TwoSixtySix at events such as Strive Festival at The Southbank Centre and our very own residency #LoopLife at Hackney House.

Liiv kicks off her TwoSixtySix catalogue with this flip of 'Controlla' by Drake which features some trademark guitar work from Yasu of Hyogen Tok'n. JAckie's working the desk on this one so stay tuned to hear how the sound develops as we release more music from these two later in the year.

Welcome Liiv!! :)





// TwoSixtySix smash Southbank Centre's Strive Festival


CD SpinzFosterbeats, Liiv and HJJ set South Bank alight yesterday as TwoSixtySix closed this year's Strive Festival.

The four performed a number of recent releases including Quit Bro, Snakes In The Grass and Cherry Tree as well as vocal freestyles over Dynamite and Dee Dee (two Summer slammers taken from Fosterbeats' recent instrumental beat tape, SunShakers).

As the sun sizzled down on the shores of the Thames the scene couldn't have been set any better for our guys to showcase their talents. Huge love to all who came down to support the family and special shout to The Southbank Centre for giving us the opportunity. Extra big love going out to the amazing Kaya La Bonte-Hurst x





// NEW RELEASE: Fosterbeats - 'The SunShakers Tape'



As we brace ourselves for some plus 30 heat in London this week, it looks like our favourite season of the year might finally have arrived. And what better way to welcome it in than with some Summery heat of our very own making.

'The SunShakers Tape' is a Summery 12 track instrumental beat tape produced by Fosterbeats. From the blazing hot bangers of 'Feels So Good To Me' and 'Dynamite' to the subbed out poolside coolers of 'Fat Boy Floating', 'Ushio Style' and 'Trumbo'. This tape features everything a boom bap lover needs to get those Summer feels in full flow.

The release also sees Fosterbeats celebrate the ressurection of his dad's 30 year old Akai 4000ds Mk2 reel to reel tape recorder. He couldn't believe it when his dad mentioned this beauty was packed up in the family loft somewhere. It took a bit of searching and some cleaning but days later became a core piece of equipment in his studio.

Fosterbeats has therefore released 30 limited edition copies of 'SunShakers' on cassette tape. The masters were recorded onto BASF DP 26 7" tape using the Akai and are available to purchase from our shop. Brighton based illustrator Lucy Irving made them look super sexy with her distinctive vibrant design.






// Backing from Tru Thoughts founder Nirobi



We caught a few flies last night as TwoSixtySix received the nod of approval from Tru Thoughts founder, Robert Luis. He spun our boy Ratomagoson's tune 'Low End Flight' as part of his weekly 2 hour podcast 'Unfold'. Listen to the show and be sure to grab a beautiful 10" print/CD combo pack of Ratomagoson's full release, 'Hear In Colombia' before they go. Huge props to Robert. Ledge. 





// NEW BLOOOOOD: Hyogen Tok'n



YES!!! It's Friday and we're super psyched to announce that Hyogen Tok'n have officially become part of the TwoSixtySix family!

Hyogen Tok'n features the production wizardry of Hackney born Chr1s Love alongside the multi-instrumental flex of Miyazaki's own Yasu Mizunaga. The pair met at Hackney's weekly open mic night 'Noteworthy' early in 2015 and have been working together on and off the stage ever since ever. Chr1s and Yasu were introduced to the collective via a mutual friend at the end of January and with all sorts of crazy shit happening left right and centre as a result of us hanging out with this pair, it feels so right to finally be properly welcoming them into the fold.

Their debut EP 'Midori Tree' drops next week via the TwoSixtySix Bandcamp. As well as featuring artists from our extended family including Durrty Skanx, Jerome Thomas and HIT, it also has a bit of the more familiar with CD Spinz tearing up 'Cake'. Well, we couldn't keep you waiting for that could we.....

Welcome, Hyogen Tok'n.





// BBC Radio 1: Fosterbeats x CD Spinz - 'Quit Bro'


As the sun shines down over London, the camp feels particularly smiley today. Partly because it reminds us all that Summer is just around the corner (and we have some big reveals this year!). But also because last night saw Huw Stephens continue to back the fruits of the collective as he gave 'Quit Bro' by Fosterbeats and CD Spinz rotation on his BBC Radio 1 show

The track, which has also been recognised by Lily Mercer (Rinse, Beats1 and 22Tracks) and LinkUpTV, is taken from 'Up There', a free 7 track release by the pair. 





// NEW RELEASE: HJJ - The Secrets of the universe transmission 001


Today we have a mid week treat for you. HJJ invites all you sonic explorers to help decipher a cosmic message that has been intercepted and released as The Secrets Of The Universe Transmission 001  - SOTU.

HJJ shows us that he's more than a rapper as he demonstrates his button pushing abilities, navigating the MPC2000XL into safe orbit.





// NEW VIDEO: CD Spinz x Fosterbeats - Quit Bro



Some serious Friday vibes in the camp today. We just dropped a new video for Quit Bro by CD Spinz and Fosterbeats via the guys at LinkUpTV. Quit Bro is the opening track from Up There a free 7 track project released by the pair at the end of last year.

Big love to the full production team on this drop. Notable mentions to writer and director Benn Veasey and cinematographer and camera operator Doug Walshe who's had previous hit music videos such as Naughty Boy's La La La featuring Sam Smith. Shouts also go to Katherine Helen Rose, AJ Golesworthy, Josh Ritchie, Anna Thompson, Ben Coughlan and the entire Sneek Films crew.





// NEW PROJECT: Ratomagoson - Hear In Colombia


Tonight we reveal the full fruits of Ratomagson's 6 month trip to Colombia.

'Hear In Colombia' is a 13 track project which was made almost exclusively using Colombian records and an MPC 1000. Ratomagoson takes us on a journey reliving the experiences of his time in this amazing country and draws upon influences from every part of it's vibrant culture throughout.

Enjoy a live mix of Hear In Colombia below or download the full project completely FREE





// Ratomagoson plays New River Studios


Ratomagoson performed as part of Polyop at New River Studios in Manor House last night. The afro and acid inspired trio delivered a sample blast of their cosmic audio visual experience to a yearning North London crowd. Keep an eye on this lot, they're about to throw down some serious heat.





// Ratomagoson discusses Hear In Colombia


We hear from the man himself as he explains more about his forthcoming TwoSixtySix release, Hear In Colombia. It drops right here in just 8 days time.





// Fosterbeats x CD Spinz - Didn't I (Official Video)


The team recently pulled together to produce a music video for Didn't I - one of the more soulful works by Fosterbeats and CD Spinz. It featured on their 7 track release entitled 'Up There' which was picked up by Rinse FM's Lily Mercer. The release is free to download here. The TwoSixtySix family need to extend their love to Rosie, Rachel and Kazim without whom this video would not have been possible. Big props guys x