RAT001 - Ratomagoson And Amaya Flow - 'Distance' / 'Spare Time' (Signed 7")


RAT001 is the limited press, vinyl and digital debut from Ratomagoson.

‘Distance’ began as an early college demo. Having met Amaya Flow in her local habitat, her vocals turned sketches and instrumentals into full songs. Taking influence from his eclectic record collection, ‘Distance’ is a minimal and experimental excursion into organic sonics.

The flip is ‘Spare Time’, an ode to the routine of earning money, making music and pouring hours into the pursuit of a passion. Everyone can relate to the idea of spare time and Ratomagoson conjures numerous scenes within 4.46 minutes. The sublime saxophone lulls you into a bar on the French Riviera while Amaya Flow’s girl next door vocals are the gentle caress of a long lost love’s hand on your shoulder.