Fosterbeats - The SunShakers Tape (1/30 Cassettes)

6.5 GBP

A collection of 12 feel good instrumental hip-hop beats to make you shake this Summer. 

'The SunShakers Tape' sees Fosterbeats dive back into the soul, jazz and funk crates, re-emerging with a burnt nose and a handful of recordings featuring his typical bass heavy, drum slapped loops.

He knocks about with a new toy (Roland SP404SX) on this recording and laces everything with a layer of gentle grit courtesy of a 30 year old Akai 4000ds reel to reel tape recorder and some BASF DP26 7" tape he found boxed up in his parents attic.

Intrigued by the impact this 1970s tape had on the sound (and partly just to celebrate the resurrection of the old family reel to reel), Fosterbeats decided to produce a limited run of 30
 cassettes. A recent trip to Brighton saw him bump brains and pints with vibrant illustrator Lucy Irving ( who he held to a drunken promise of offering to take on art duties.