TwoSixtySix X Cube Space #LoopLife Celebration Tee


16 GBP



These silk screen printed tees were made to celebrate #LoopLife, our Friday night Summer residency on the sun terrace at Cube Space in Shoreditch.

The designs came about when Fosterbeats strolled past an easel just sitting out on the road in Clapham one morning. It had a canvas on it that grabbed his attention. He left a note on it for anyone who new who was responsible for the work to get in touch with him. A few days later an email landed in his inbox. It was from a local saying that their friend had come to stay for the Summer and that he did the work while he was there. He put them in touch with each other.

The artist responsible, Bene, agreed to do some designs for the collective. He's a Brazilian chap living in San Francisco. We highly recommend checking out his site if you like the style. He's a top top guy.

Limited run of 50 tees. Available in S, M, L and XL.